About Rawamees


Rwams Arab Company for General Contracting is one of the leading private sector organizations in Saudi Arabia, which provides services and high quality products in general contracting . The Akpna ongoing developments in the physical side and we were informed of the needs of the market of renewable company also owns the mechanisms and possibilities for it and enjoy the experience and technology that are in line with the requirements of our customers and companies participating with us. Company Rwams Arabian General Contracting enjoyed the experience and competence in the field of general contracting and equipment in its various forms is Mnascie world and according to international standards and the company has a lot of equipment and machinery for the construction work and infrastructure , and many of the vehicles transporting fluids and equipment and sledgehammers .

We are also ready to implement major contracts directly or sharing contracts with other companies through secondary contracts . We are proud of our abilities to withstand the difficult conditions and challenges in the workplace in order to present the results of a successful and effective solutions , because we value our customers and our partners .

Rawamees Vision

Company Rwams Arabian General Contracting is looking to keep pace with development and construction in the Kingdom has adopted the company's processing of the finest services using workers with high efficiency and specialized and up to contribute to serious and effective in the construction and development and we look forward in the near future to upgrade our company to the Premiership, God willing.

Quality Policy

Rwams Arab Company for General Contracting is committed to preserving the quality and high standards of quality and in order to reach the company adopted the following principles:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Evaluation of shareholders
  • Associates respect and promote motivation for development
  • Development and improvement of the product on an ongoing basis

Safty Policy

The company's policy with regard to health and safety which is the part that he took our utmost importance to ensure safety, the most important objectives:

  • The provision of safety and health conditions for workers within the company or companies and institutions involved with it.
  • Confirm all safety standards applied to employees in different locations.
  • Confirmation provide appropriate conditions in accordance with the requirements of different work.
  • Providing advice and training associate for the company.
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